Forward Progress and How Faith Makes Me a Better Engineer

First of all, for those who follow my blog, I have a tiny seed of hope I’ve begun carefully nurturing that our long conversion journey may have a end in sight.  Not now, not soon, but that there is a clearer path forward for us.  I go between being very excited about it and not wanting to be too happy, in case it’s a false … Continue reading Forward Progress and How Faith Makes Me a Better Engineer

I Was There

When the Voice shook the earth and miracles happened I was there, unseen and unknown I wandered through centuries lost alone unnumbered. I lived lives wild and untamable my ancestors were fierce brave and foolhardy they worshipped the creation and shook their swords at the creator When a nation was formed I was among its multitudes I spoke out in one voice I accepted I … Continue reading I Was There

6 Years

Last Friday, my calendar popped up a notice.  It had been 6 years since the day I had decided to convert.  I had miscounted and all this year I had been thinking it was 7.  Somehow, 7 seems so much longer than 6 and I was comforted by that idea.  That day, I was overrun by work and then with other worries that make it … Continue reading 6 Years