6 Years

Last Friday, my calendar popped up a notice.  It had been 6 years since the day I had decided to convert.  I had miscounted and all this year I had been thinking it was 7.  Somehow, 7 seems so much longer than 6 and I was comforted by that idea.  That day, I was overrun by work and then with other worries that make it … Continue reading 6 Years

The Ten Unfaithful Spies and an Eye Infection

Somewhere in the past blur of weeks, I contracted an eye infection.  The cure for this infection is, ironically, stinging, burning drops I must put in every two hours.  That’s not fun.  Even worse, during this time, I have to wear my glasses, which give me headaches and make me feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. In this case, the cure is almost worse … Continue reading The Ten Unfaithful Spies and an Eye Infection

Lessons Learned from Rhubarb and Bleeding Hearts for Shabbos

We’re full into summer here in the subarctic and nearing the summer solstice.  In other places, that’s not really a big deal, but here each solstice is an event because it means either the sun is coming back or it is finally going to wane.  This far north, the sun behaves so much more like the moon, varying widely.  The cycles are just longer and … Continue reading Lessons Learned from Rhubarb and Bleeding Hearts for Shabbos

A Sweet Gift

Milk is the first food we eat, gliding silkily over our infant tongues, filling our tummies with warm comfort.  We never know hunger until we come into the world and milk is our first taste of love, of nourishment, and comfort. This week I’ve kind of been acutely experiencing a feeling of being lost in a wilderness.  Maybe it’s preparation for receiving the Torah or … Continue reading A Sweet Gift

Birthday Cake and Mitzvos

I’m reading a really good book about Family Purity called “Total Immersion.”  All the books I’ve read on the topic previously have been more dry and focused on the “how” of the mitzvah, not the “why” or deeper spiritual dimension and I’m really enjoying this chance to step back and sink deeper into those aspects. One recurring theme is the relationship between us and Hashem. … Continue reading Birthday Cake and Mitzvos