Safek can also be translated as “doubt.”  It’s most often a doubt over whether something is certain or not, that then leads to a question that needs answered.  It’s the kind of doubt that can’t just sit, that can’t be ignored.  The term is most often used when there’s a doubt about whether or not something was done or should be done under Jewish law, … Continue reading Doubt

Avraham Avinu, Father of Converts

They say Avraham is the adoptive spiritual father of all who convert.  After our new Hebrew names, we add “ben/bat Avraham Avinu.”  I ponder this great and mighty man, the first who looked up at the sky and came to the conclusion that there was one G-d and that he would follow Him. I, too, first encountered G-d in the night time stars. A child, … Continue reading Avraham Avinu, Father of Converts

Of Rabbis

I fear Rabbis.  It amuses me that I didn’t always fear them.  I so nonchalantly walked into the first Rabbi’s office.  I smiled.  I assumed he’d see me the way everyone else saw me.  I’m a woman who never failed a job interview, who was always well thought of, who impressed teachers and professors and always earned the grade. I assumed that conversion would be … Continue reading Of Rabbis


There are moments, sweet moments, where I can sit and blend in.  In those moments, I’m just another Jew davening or just another Jew at the Shabbos table.  I congratulate myself on those brief moments and I hold onto them, tucking them in my pocket to run my fingers over when I doubt the direction we’re headed in.  I use them to remind myself of … Continue reading Jew…ish?