What Is Mourning?

We're deep into the 9 Days now, a period of mourning for the loss of the Temple in Jerusalem as well as all the other losses the Jewish people have endured.  There are laws about what we should refrain from doing during this period, from not listening to music, to not washing clothes, eating meat, … Continue reading What Is Mourning?


I Woke Before the Dawn Today

The sun's long reign has all but ended the day dawns later dark, rainy, a chilly pricking at my face the clouds are low the mountains hidden The sun was arrogant stealing away the night overreaching, grasping too far now, the night spies her chance she begins to push him to retreat Creation senses the … Continue reading I Woke Before the Dawn Today

Explaining Rashi’s Daughters to My Own

My daughter is a fierce little fireball of energy.  At 11 years old, she's smart and capable and living in Alaska has shown her that she can do just about anything she sets her mind to.  She's cross-country skied in a skirt, ridden horseback, done a zipline, and fished for salmon.  Alaska is definitely a … Continue reading Explaining Rashi’s Daughters to My Own

40 Years as a Stubborn Optimist

Today is my 40th birthday.  40 years ago, as family legend goes, my father was busy putting up a windmill on our farm with a few other men helping him.  My mother, rather pregnant, but not near her due date, came out to bring them some ice tea on that hot July day and casually … Continue reading 40 Years as a Stubborn Optimist

Everyday Holiness

One of the things I love most about Judaism is the awareness and intention it can bring to even the most mundane and everyday of tasks.  Growing up, "religion" was something that was always separate from everyday life.  We went to church on certain days and not others.  We prayed only on certain days or … Continue reading Everyday Holiness

But…What Do You EAT?!

I won't lie...feeding our family of 4 a healthy, kosher diet in Alaska is a never ending challenge.  While keeping kosher in the lower 48 was sometimes difficult, living in Alaska brings in an entirely new set of challenges.  I decided to share how we handle some of those since there might be other people … Continue reading But…What Do You EAT?!

Home Improvement, Yoga, and Taharas Hamispacha (Family Purity)

(The picture isn't of me...I only do yoga at home in private.  Although, I might do it in the wilderness if it was private.  🙂 ) Preparing to move has meant that this summer has involved several small home improvement projects.  On Sunday, I decided it was time to tackle the one that I'd been … Continue reading Home Improvement, Yoga, and Taharas Hamispacha (Family Purity)

The Fireweed Blooms as the Three Weeks Continue

The Three Weeks is a period of mourning.  You name it and if it was really awful and needed to happen to the Jews, it most likely happened during this period of time, culminating in the destruction of the temple on the 9th of Av.  So, along with observant Jews throughout the world, we mourn. … Continue reading The Fireweed Blooms as the Three Weeks Continue


6 years ago tomorrow, I made the decision to begin covering my hair.  It was such a momentous decision to me that I noted it on my calendar the same way I noted the day I decided to convert, birthdays, and anniversaries.  It is a mitzvah for married Jewish women to cover their hair and … Continue reading Haircovering

Ahavas Yisroel – Everyone Is Essential

A good friend wrote something on her Facebook wall today that stopped me in my tracks.  Even though she isn't Jewish, I'm not sure anyone could have written wiser words for approaching the Three Weeks. "I have known the most fascinating people... Full of terrible awe and fearful beauty all... I have known people who … Continue reading Ahavas Yisroel – Everyone Is Essential