Crowning the King and Knowing Your “Why”

I have been sick and away from my blog while I recovered, but I feel like it is such a huge blessing that I was made to slow down and rest before the High Holidays are here.  I'm coming out of the fog at just the right time now to finish preparing and I was … Continue reading Crowning the King and Knowing Your “Why”


Everyday Holiness

One of the things I love most about Judaism is the awareness and intention it can bring to even the most mundane and everyday of tasks.  Growing up, "religion" was something that was always separate from everyday life.  We went to church on certain days and not others.  We prayed only on certain days or … Continue reading Everyday Holiness

The Rebbe and Me

I never met the Rebbe.  Characteristically, I came late to the party.  My first introductions to Judaism were through Chabad, both a local Chabad house and through family, so I knew of the Rebbe very early on, but I wasn't sure what it had to do with me, personally.  The Rebbe always seemed to belong … Continue reading The Rebbe and Me

The Painting Cabinets and Hisbodedut

Painting cabinets takes patience.  I know this because this is my first week trying it.  First, there's the preparation, which I probably should have paid more attention to.  I didn't sand, but instead went all in with gripper primer.  Quickly, the cabinets that I'd chosen to start with in the Shabbat RV 2.0 began to … Continue reading The Painting Cabinets and Hisbodedut

Character at Birth or at Rebirth?

It's almost Shabbat.  I can feel it.  Just a few more hours of work and then I go home to cook and prepare.  We're squeezing in one last Shabbat with regular challah before turning the kitchen over Saturday night and Sunday and my planned meal is basically a comforting carb feast.  I can almost taste … Continue reading Character at Birth or at Rebirth?