The Power of Knowing Your Why

The book of Numbers has another name in the Talmud…the book of complainers.  It’s a pretty apt description since it isn’t long into this book before the Jewish people begin complaining.  They’ve been in the desert a long time, wandering.  The exciting miracles and sparks of inspiration have dimmed and are more in the past.  They begin to think of Egypt and their memories aren’t … Continue reading The Power of Knowing Your Why

The Ten Unfaithful Spies and an Eye Infection

Somewhere in the past blur of weeks, I contracted an eye infection.  The cure for this infection is, ironically, stinging, burning drops I must put in every two hours.  That’s not fun.  Even worse, during this time, I have to wear my glasses, which give me headaches and make me feel dizzy and sick to my stomach. In this case, the cure is almost worse … Continue reading The Ten Unfaithful Spies and an Eye Infection

Birthday Cake and Mitzvos

I’m reading a really good book about Family Purity called “Total Immersion.”  All the books I’ve read on the topic previously have been more dry and focused on the “how” of the mitzvah, not the “why” or deeper spiritual dimension and I’m really enjoying this chance to step back and sink deeper into those aspects. One recurring theme is the relationship between us and Hashem. … Continue reading Birthday Cake and Mitzvos

Finding the Holiness…Right Where You Are.

I’m listening to a fantastic shiur, the kind of deep learning that makes my mind ache a little, like a muscle that’s been well-used.  I know when I’m learning something that feeds me when it changes how I look at the world around me. Have you ever gone on a long trip away from home and returned and found that home looked a little different? … Continue reading Finding the Holiness…Right Where You Are.