I will attempt, as much as I am able to, to keep this page up to date with resources for anyone else looking into conversion to Orthodox Judaism.

Rabbinical Courts and Study Lists (Begin here):

General Jewish Learning Websites:

Conversion Blogs and Groups:

Kosher Websites:

  • OU Kosher – The biggest group doing kosher certification, this site has a lot of guides and articles and there is a smartphone app you can download to check for kosher certifications:
  • cRc Kosher – The Chicago Rabbinical Council keeps lists of the kosher certifications they believe to be good and has a variety of lists and a smartphone app.  This is good because it allows you to use other kosher certification other than OU and most people find their lists acceptable:
  • Kosher MRE’s and travel meals – these are a great option if you are traveling someplace far from home and aren’t sure what kosher food will be available, but they would probably be too expensive and unhealthy to live off of instead of cooking.  Shipping to Alaska is too high for us to make use of them, but for people in the lower 48, they may be a good emergency meal option – https://labriutemeals.com/military/
  • Kosher Dehydrated Camping foods – If you like to go a bit further out while traveling or backpacking.  These are a good option AND you can get them shipped anywhere Amazon Prime ships for free.  They are OU certified kosher:
  • For easy kosher recipes, this is one of my most favorite websites:  https://www.joyofkosher.com/

Hebrew and Yiddish Learning Sources:

Learning Resources for Kids:

  • BimBam – This one isn’t Orthodox, but it’s really cute and catchy and teaches general mitzvahs in a fun way, like bikur cholim.  Just be prepared to explain why everyone’s wearing pants, etc:
  • Chabad’s Jewish Kids.org – Maybe a little less polished and catchy, but a good website for kids through middle school:
  • Chinuch.org – This site has a TON of resources you can print out or look up to use with your kids.  It’s less for kids to browse as it is for educators or parents to find activity and learning ideas, but if you dig just a little, you can find a lot!
  • Nigri International Jewish Online School – This school is run by Chabad and has classes that meet at various times that would probably work well for anyone in the lower 48 or Canada timezones and they also offer additional tutoring as needed for a reasonable fee.
  • Melamed Academy – This online day school is independent study, meaning that students receive assignments at the beginning of the week and have all week to complete them.  It might be suited well for older students that can handle a little less structure and students who are in timezones that don’t work well to meet in real time.  There is also a secular studies component available for homeschoolers and they have kosher chromebooks (laptops with good web filtering built in) available for a small fee.