Finding the Good…in Pneumonia

I’ve been down for the count, punched out by pneumonia.  I’ve been sleeping a lot, having trouble breathing, missing out on family activities and work.  It would be easy to get down when I’m as sick as I’ve been.  It would be tempting to blame this kind of sickness on random chance, seeing it as a cosmic roll of the dice that wound me up … Continue reading Finding the Good…in Pneumonia


I pinch off a piece of dough, separating that which is a sacrifice, holy, from that which is allowed to me.  Likewise, my kitchen is carefully arranged to keep meat and dairy separate.  A barrier separates men from women in the Synagogue.  Judaism is a religion of carefully, intentionally categorizing and separating things. Wool from linen. Meat from milk. Men from women. We live in … Continue reading Separation

Do and Be

“Think about it.” “Come on, be rational.” “You need to think this through first.” “USE YOUR HEAD!” “Don’t lose your head.” “It’s all in your head.” No. For most of my life, I’ve digested the world to pieces in my mind. Ruminating thoughts, chewing them in my safe pasture, safely watching the world through the fence. No. Now is a time for the mind to … Continue reading Do and Be

It’s Not About the Head

I’m a thinker by nature, much more comfortable tackling obstacles with my mind.  If I’m not careful, I can live completely there in my head, crunching numbers, unraveling meaning, connecting concepts.  It’s where I retreat to in order to feel safe. When I first approached conversion, it was completely from my mind.  I created reading lists and ticked off titles.  I memorized concepts and laws. … Continue reading It’s Not About the Head