After the Bomb Threat

"But we didn't DO anything to them!" Her deep blue eyes beg me to make sense of this for her, to bring order to the chaos.  The problem is, there are some things in this world that just don't make logical sense, at least not in my very human mind. Hate is one of them. … Continue reading After the Bomb Threat


Of Jews and Dogs

His big brown eyes look up at mine with perfect trust and loyalty.  He's a comfort to me whenever I'm sick, his big furry body cuddled against mine as he tries to protect me and help me feel better.  I never fear intruders because I know they'll prefer a house that doesn't have him waiting … Continue reading Of Jews and Dogs

Finding the Good…in Pneumonia

I've been down for the count, punched out by pneumonia.  I've been sleeping a lot, having trouble breathing, missing out on family activities and work.  It would be easy to get down when I'm as sick as I've been.  It would be tempting to blame this kind of sickness on random chance, seeing it as … Continue reading Finding the Good…in Pneumonia

It’s Not About the Head

I'm a thinker by nature, much more comfortable tackling obstacles with my mind.  If I'm not careful, I can live completely there in my head, crunching numbers, unraveling meaning, connecting concepts.  It's where I retreat to in order to feel safe. When I first approached conversion, it was completely from my mind.  I created reading … Continue reading It’s Not About the Head

The Day I Became “Other”

I'd experienced passive antisemitism before, but this was different.  Suddenly, it wasn't so passive.  It sliced across a social media feed, cleaning cutting through friendships.  People I had thought were "good people" suddenly so filled with anger, with hate.  When I dared to speak my feelings, I was told that I was overreacting, that I'd … Continue reading The Day I Became “Other”

The Marks Across My Heart

An artifact from my life before I'd ever met a Jew or knew anything of Judaism, I have tattoos.  Not just small, cute tattoos, no...we're talking tattoos that scrawl across empty spaces, for the most part hidden now beneath modest clothing, but always there, a reminder of a life I once lived. My first tattoo … Continue reading The Marks Across My Heart

A Foot in Two Worlds

Everywhere I have lived, no matter which community I've belonged to, I've never quite fit fully in it.  I was a foreigner even in the place where I was born, asking too many questions and never quite fitting with even my own family.  I remember coming home after my first big trip outside the United … Continue reading A Foot in Two Worlds