Rockets Fall in Israel

A branch not yet fully grafted to the tree fragile, only just beginning to be connected looks back at the trunk, solid and strong drawing strength knowing it is there once a strange land, now home the branch wavers in a strong wind fearful of the coming storm the trunk stands resolute having weathered many … Continue reading Rockets Fall in Israel


In the Darkness of a Blizzard

At the northern edge of humanity hidden in a polar embrace forbidden candles flicker and dance outside wind howls in the hallway, workers trudge day and night Inside, there is an island, tiny and fragile my lips whisper blessings my cup holds only water, not wine my table only matzah, not challah my family far … Continue reading In the Darkness of a Blizzard

Whispered Prayers Within Cube Walls

Morning sun awakens late half the morning gone at work I glance out the window, noting it's return I stand, book in hand hidden by cubical walls My feet point east to unseen mountains my lips begin to flutter my voice a whisper they never seem to notice or hear my prayers coded in a … Continue reading Whispered Prayers Within Cube Walls

The Long Arctic Rest

The mountains exhale into the chilly morning air long breaths of mist ancient rocky shoulders relaxing summer's rush fading into memory The geese have flown and the swans follow following the sun's steady retreat they seek warmer skies leaving us to slow into fall The summer rush ebbs, a tide receding those of us who … Continue reading The Long Arctic Rest

I Woke Before the Dawn Today

The sun's long reign has all but ended the day dawns later dark, rainy, a chilly pricking at my face the clouds are low the mountains hidden The sun was arrogant stealing away the night overreaching, grasping too far now, the night spies her chance she begins to push him to retreat Creation senses the … Continue reading I Woke Before the Dawn Today