Joy of Small Communities

We pack, box after box of costumes and props, a veritable panorama of Egypt into our RV and I marvel at the irony of us carrying with us the imagery of Mitzrayim in our own veritable mobile Sukkah.  The Rabbi and his family were tired, up late the night before to prepare this experience for … Continue reading Joy of Small Communities

Passover Prep – Alaska Style!

The sun is now up past bedtime.  It peeks through the little edges of the blackout shades, sneaking into the room, tiptoeing to my eyelids.  Granted, bedtime at the Safek household is around 9-9:30pm.  We hit the hay early and get up early.  But still, the sun is coming back, regaining his dominion over life … Continue reading Passover Prep – Alaska Style!

Where G-d Has the Will, We Find a Way

We don't live within walking distance of our shul.  We want to be within walking distance of our shul on Shabbat.  We weren't willing to pack up and move across town because it seemed wiser to wait and save up for a bigger move out to a bigger Jewish community. Enter... The Shabbosmobile. It actually … Continue reading Where G-d Has the Will, We Find a Way

The 2nd Set of Tablets

Moses threw down the first set of stone tablets, shattering them to the ground.  These were the tablets made by G-d himself, a gift to the Jewish people.  The second set?  They were made by Moses, still holy, but maybe not quite as lofty.  In some of the commentaries, we learn that the Jewish people … Continue reading The 2nd Set of Tablets

The Power of What Is Hidden

A wise friend of mine is fond of saying, "There is potency in what is hidden." The culture around us seems to leave little to the imagination, from what someone has for dinner to their innermost thoughts, there is a pressure to share for attention.  Some people have become celebrities for little more than sharing … Continue reading The Power of What Is Hidden

Commitment or Only When It Feels Good?

This week has been...rough.  It's one of those weeks which seems to drag into two weeks where it feels like everything I try to fix only ends up more broken, whether it's at home or at work.  I'm tired, drained, both physically and emotionally.  My day begins at about 4am so that I can make … Continue reading Commitment or Only When It Feels Good?

The Day I Became “Other”

I'd experienced passive antisemitism before, but this was different.  Suddenly, it wasn't so passive.  It sliced across a social media feed, cleaning cutting through friendships.  People I had thought were "good people" suddenly so filled with anger, with hate.  When I dared to speak my feelings, I was told that I was overreacting, that I'd … Continue reading The Day I Became “Other”