A Shabbos Wedding Anniversary…and Sad Memories

This past Shabbos was our 5th wedding anniversary.  I made my husband his favorite pie and, before Shabbos, his mother and stepfather called and sang us a “happy anniversary” song.  Beyond that, that was all that marked the occasion.  I found myself sadly transported back to 5 years ago in my heart and mind, again reliving the circumstances under which our marriage began. We’d already … Continue reading A Shabbos Wedding Anniversary…and Sad Memories

The Day I Became “Other”

I’d experienced passive antisemitism before, but this was different.  Suddenly, it wasn’t so passive.  It sliced across a social media feed, cleaning cutting through friendships.  People I had thought were “good people” suddenly so filled with anger, with hate.  When I dared to speak my feelings, I was told that I was overreacting, that I’d be ok because I was one of the “real Americans.” … Continue reading The Day I Became “Other”