Why You Should Not Pursue an “Open Orthodox Conversion” – An Article

I should preface this with, “If your intention is to live within an Orthodox community and be accepted as a Jew most places, including Israel and for your children to be seen as legitimate Jews in Israel and among Orthodox Jews.”  There are plenty of converts for whom these really aren’t serious concerns and who convert through other streams of Judaism with the knowledge that their conversions likely will not be accepted outside that stream of Judaism.  The problem I see with “Open Orthodox” Rabbis performing conversions is that some conversion candidates may think they’re getting an Orthodox conversion and be sadly disappointed when they are not accepted by most Orthodox congregations as Jewish.

This article goes into some more depth about the issue.

And, if you’re looking for an Orthodox Beis Din to convert through that is accepted by the Israeli Rabbinate, ITIM keeps a list of them, although there are some Rabbis and Beis Dins that are accepted that might not be on the list.  It’s a good place to begin and can be found here.

Your best first step if you’re considering an Orthodox Jewish conversion is to contact your local Orthodox Rabbi and ask to meet with him and attend services.  Expect a cool welcome as Judaism does not encourage conversion, but if you’re committed enough, you’ll find your way!


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