Happy Tu B’Shevat and Bli Ayin Hara

First off, happy Tu B’Shevat!  It’s the New Year for trees and we’re celebrating as best we can.  I went to the store to find fruit and, being winter in Alaska, the pickings were slim and poor, but I did find some different fruits to make a seder.  I also spent $20 on 3 pieces of fruit, but it will be fun to celebrate.

And we have much to celebrate!

In Jewish culture, particularly Orthodox Jewish culture, there is a saying “bli ayin hara,” which loosely translates to trying not to invite the “evil eye.”  You could also compare it to “don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” or “don’t count your blessings.”  It’s the reason you don’t say “Mazel tov” to new parents before the child is actually born healthy and why often other big blessings are kept quiet until they have, for sure arrived.

I’m having my own “bli ayin hara” moment and I have been having it for about a week, so suffice it to say, I’m really hoping and anticipating that we will have good news in a few months.

In the meantime, we’re busy selling our house.

There’s been a mixture of feelings as I’ve cleaned and decluttered and really polished up our home.  It’s a really great house and sometimes I’ve forgotten how much I love this house and how hard we worked to get it.  We actually had to outbid another buyer and we just bought it a couple of years ago.  At the time, we anticipated living there at least until our children were grown since our dreams of conversion seemed to have ended.  It’s unlikely I’ll ever have such a bright, spacious kitchen to cook in again, particularly as we move to where we’ll be more in a city.  I know I won’t be able to see mountaintops out my windows or moose wandering through our yard.

As I cleaned, though, I also thought of the family that might move in after us.  I pictured them making happy memories here and focused on getting the home ready for them.  I hope that the house will sell well and fast, but I also hope that they’ll be as happy here as we have been and love the house as much as we have.  I hope their kids will be little enough to appreciate the treehouse in the backyard more than ours did.  I hope that they’re better at gardening in Alaska than I was and get good use of the raised vegetable bed we built and the rhubarb patch that we inherited from the last owners.  I hope they’ll enjoy the neighborhood and the schools as we have.

Chances are, we’ll need to move twice in the next few months.  The first move will be into a temporary rental for a few months so that the children can finish out their school year.  Then, we’ll begin the move that will take us across the continent.  My husband will be driving our belongings across Canada through the mountains and the children and I will be flying ahead of him with our dog to set up a place to live and buy a car.  For the most part, we’ll be selling almost everything we have or donating it and starting over.  It doesn’t make sense to move much when you’re moving that far.

We have little idea of what our lives will be like even as far out as this summer, but we do feel like we’re moving in the right direction.  When you get down to it, though…no one ever knows what the next few months can bring or how their lives will change and we’re all just moving forward in the best way we know how.

For some reason, though, now that it’s really happening and there is a photographer at my house as we speak taking pictures of it for sale…I’m filled with a peace and a deep belief that everything is going to work out as it should, even if I can’t picture what that is or how it will all come together…it just will.

Bli ayin hara, of course.


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