Relationships with Rabbis

Recently, an app came out for Taharas Hamispacha (Family Purity) that has proved to be really controversial in Orthodox circles.  The app aims to reduce the discomfort of women who need Rabbinical opinions regarding these laws by allowing them to submit photos for a Rabbi to look at and give an opinion rather than having … Continue reading Relationships with Rabbis

Lag B’Omer in Alaska

It's the time of year where it seems like one long afternoon.  The air is heavily scented with the most beautiful scent.  It's not quite the scent of flowers blooming, but more like herbs.  The closest thing I can compare it to is that when you walk outside, it smells just like something you'd want … Continue reading Lag B’Omer in Alaska

Shabbos and the Tale of the Galloping Ransomware

Sometimes, Shabbos is a good time for those old school scary stories.  There's often a Chassidic tale you can find about a golem or something and those kinds of stories are always better on a dark night with a little candlelight. Except it doesn't really get dark now.  The sun is the same when I … Continue reading Shabbos and the Tale of the Galloping Ransomware

The Painting Cabinets and Hisbodedut

Painting cabinets takes patience.  I know this because this is my first week trying it.  First, there's the preparation, which I probably should have paid more attention to.  I didn't sand, but instead went all in with gripper primer.  Quickly, the cabinets that I'd chosen to start with in the Shabbat RV 2.0 began to … Continue reading The Painting Cabinets and Hisbodedut

Menuchah and Watts

Every moment is precious and is the only thing we really have in this life. I've been enjoying my Menuchas Hanefesh studies immensely.  The mindfulness that observance brings to everyday life was a big part of what initially drew me to Judaism and this study only digs deeper into that idea. Interestingly enough, it also … Continue reading Menuchah and Watts

Reframing Double Standards and Painting Cabinets

Without a doubt, one of the most difficult things about conversion that I've had to work on and help my children with is the reality of double standards.  It's one of those things that I think every Orthodox conversion candidate has to come to a place of acceptance with because it's not something we can … Continue reading Reframing Double Standards and Painting Cabinets

Holiness In a Casual World

This week's parshas (it's another 2fer) are all about holiness.  In the wake of Aaron's son's unfortunate deaths due to their unrequested offerings, these two parshas talk a lot about Hashem's expectations of the Jews.  There are specific laws for when and how the Kohen Gadol can enter the holy of holies, laws about how … Continue reading Holiness In a Casual World

The Holiness of Place

In Alaska, the trees are budding and the snow is all but gone.  We are in that brief breath between winter and spring and any moment, everything will turn green.  The world holds its breath, waiting and the air is sweetened with the scent of things growing and the sound of all the small birds … Continue reading The Holiness of Place

Menuchas Hanefesh…and Long Flights

I've been taking a break to fly about as far as someone can and still remain in the United States.  We flew from Anchorage last week to Ft. Lauderdale and spent a wonderful Shabbos and weekend with friends and family there.  It's been great visiting grocery stores with whole kosher aisles and spotting kippahs all … Continue reading Menuchas Hanefesh…and Long Flights