Our First Seders as Guests!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and meaningful Passover.  We had our first Seders as guests.  For years, we’ve hosted our own Seders with a mix of guests, usually non-Jews, or even just our family and we’ve enjoyed all of them.  For the songs my husband couldn’t remember the tunes for or couldn’t communicate those tunes to us, we just made them up.  We had haggadahs and followed them and I cooked traditional foods and it worked.

This, however, was a singularly wonderful experience and like a taste of the world to come.  We were hosted by a lovely frum family and the house was full of their kids, our kids, and the kids of other guests.  The guests were a mix of observance, but all at least somewhat frum and the songs and wine flowed freely.  The host was a Rabbi and able to bring in bits of learning in with the Seder.  Due to the late sunsets here this time of year, we couldn’t start until 10:30 or 11, but I didn’t find it hard to stay awake.  Not knowing when we’ll get another opportunity like this, I didn’t want to miss anything.

There were times when I could sit there…and our halakhic status would fade away.  We were just Jews at the Seder table with other Jews…at least for a moment.


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