Do and Be

“Think about it.”
“Come on, be rational.”
“You need to think this through first.”
“Don’t lose your head.”
“It’s all in your head.”


For most of my life, I’ve digested the world to pieces in my mind.

Ruminating thoughts, chewing them in my safe pasture, safely watching the world through the fence.


Now is a time for the mind to stop and listen, to stop chattering, stop commanding, stop pushing the pace.

“Do and be…consistently,” The Rabbi says.

It doesn’t matter how smart you are, souls aren’t measured by brainpower.  It doesn’t matter how much your mind can hold within it.  Its contents do little to help a hurting world.

It’s what you do and who you are, not just in your best moments.  Not just when it’s easy or feels good, but when it’s boring.  When it isn’t easy.  When the mind distracts you with chatter.

STOP!  Do and be.

Doing can lead to being or being can lead to doing.  The end result is the same.  Pick one and work on the other.

But, we’re measured by what we know.  Smarter people are more respected!  I have answers!  I have smart questions!  I can get gold stars and certificates and…

No, stop.

Your worth is more than test scores, golden stars, and what you EARN.  Your worth was born with you when you knew nothing.  Forget what you think you know.  Learn how to do and to be.


But…someone is WRONG!!!!  I need to correct them.  I know the right answer, the truth, I have MORE INFORMATION.

So?  It’s not your job.

Your job, for now, is to be pregnant with the person you will become, to be silently holding that person as they learn simply to be who they are.  You should be busy with that not distracted by them.

Get back to your real work.

Do and be and that will be enough.


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