The Ups

The process of conversion is often a rollercoaster ride, with twists and turns you can’t always predict or prepare for.  Today, though, was one of those unexpected, out of the blue “ups.”  I struggle with allowing my heart to soar upward, my mind to celebrate and even to daydream what *could* happen.  It’s so easy and feels so good to get all swept up into a soaring height of light, fluffy, sugary happiness.

And yet…all too often, what comes up?  Eventually must come down.

I sometimes wonder if it’s better to keep some kind of lid on the “ups?”  To not go “too” high or get “too” happy so that, maybe, if there is a sudden drop, I’m less dizzy from the fall?  Does holding back joy help avoid disappointment or does it only keep us from fully feeling happiness?

I just wish I could sneak a little bit of today into a small bottle and keep it, like lightning bugs, for if there’s a day I could use a little bit of it again.


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